Automobile Crash


Steve Cannella and all of his associates were so wonderful in representing my family after my parents were hit by a car back in 2010. My mother was tragically killed in the accident and my father suffered severe injuries. 

It was a difficult case due to the Virginia Law regarding contributory negligence. The tenacity and dedication of Steve and his firm facilitated a settlement that was beyond anything we had hoped for. Althought a life cannot have a monetary value, my father is no longer struggling to pay his medical bills and has a sense of retribution. 

This was my first accident were I had to get an attorney involved.  Although I received lots of advice from others my research lead me to Cannella and O'Neal.  He has a proven track record and I found out why. Mr Cannella was only interested in what was best for me and receiving the most I could for my pain and suffering. His staff was always professional and polite. But at the end of the day, my settlement was more than I expected. I hope and pray that I will never need his services again, but should the unfortunate occur you can believe I want Cannella and O'Neal in my corner.

I was very satisfied and happy with the way that my case was handled. I could not have asked for more.

The staff at Cannella & O’Neal were supportive and diligent throughout the process of my case.

If you need someone to be there for you and stand by you, call Cannella & O’Neal.  When the other lawyer couldn’t get the job done, I found a friend and a law firm that stood by me to the end at Cannella & O’Neal.  I would highly recommend that you give them a call.

There is only one word to describe how Cannella and O’Neal handled my case … that word is “PERFECT.” From the very start Mr. Cannella jumped right into a very difficult case and kept me informed each and every step of the way. Even the defense attorney said that they did not expect to have to pay , but they did . The cases involving my serious injury and my wife’s tragic death resolved in mediation just before trial. In the end the amount that me and my family got was a lot more than I ever expected.

There is so much that I can say about Mr. Cannella and his firm, Cannella & O'Neal.

As an attorney, Mr. Cannella is the best of the best.  I have referred many friends and family members to him who all have been more than pleased with his services.

From the moment I came to Attorney Robert O’Neal’s office I felt the professionalism from all the staff members.

I trust him and have the utmost confidence in his ability to do great work for his clients.

I was very pleased and grateful for all of the service provided for me and everything you stood for.

I wish to thank the firm of Cannella & O’Neal for taking my case and getting the best settlement for me.

I was represented by Cannella & O’Neal law firm a few years ago. The presentation was professional.

Steve, you and your team are the best and the bomb! Really, Steve, you are like the Godfather of attorneys!

I have been a client of Cannella & O’Neal in more than one instance unfortunately. They are always so professionally warm with regard to my questions and concerns.

I cannot express my gratitude enough with the Cannella & O’Neal law firm. A very good friend of mine recommended them to me. Kristie Kubik is an amazing person.

Mr. Cannella, thank you for taking on my case. I knew a little bit about how professional your firm was from previous dealings with my sister’s personal injury case, so it was no question that I wanted your law firm to handle my case.

Bobby is a rare jewel in the world of law... The services and consultation I received after experiencing an accident was well beyond the call of duty.

Cannella & O’Neal is a great law firm.  If you want a really good lawyer, they are the best I have ever seen!

                                                                               -Alvin, Farmville, VA

Bobby O’Neal was a breath of fresh air. He gave me a voice and legal standing.

I just want to thank Cannella & O’Neal for all they have done for me. Over the past 30 years they have represented my family, myself and a few friends. I cannot express what a superb job they have done getting me a really good settlement when they had a tough fight ahead.

My father was killed in a horrible car accident by a reckless driver, leaving behind a wife, three daughters and seven grandchildren. The timely response by this law firm was crucial.