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I was in a tractor trailer accident in which I needed an attorney. When the trucking company did not want to pay Mr. Cannella said “take ‘em to court.”

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$3.5 Million Verdict for fall at Hospital Based on New MRI Technology

Cannella and Oneal, Imagine Justice, Richmond Personal Injury Attorneys, Richmond personal injury lawyers, MRI DTI, CAT scanAn 87-year-old hospital patient injured in a fall has won a $3.5 million verdict.  A Newport News hospital used high resolution imaging to dramatize alleged brain injuries for the jury.  The plaintiff

Study Suggests Soccer Ball Heading Leads to Brain Injury

Cannella & O'Neal, imagine justice, soccer head injury, soccer brain injury, soccer brain damage, TBI, MTBI, traumatic brain injuryOn the heels of a recent change to the contact policy of college football conference PAC-12, a new study suggests that