Auto Accident - Sherry

I cannot express my gratitude enough with the Cannella & O’Neal law firm.  A very good friend of mine recommended them to me.  She must have liked me. 

They walked me through all the rough spots and settled my case well before I expected any results.  It’s a very good feeling to know this professional team is on your side.  Kristie Kubik is an amazing person.  She never failed to call me on a regular basis and keep me up to date on all the proceedings, and never complained when I kept her on the phone (and I did a lot).  She called to ask "how I was doing"  . . . more than once.  Not something you experience every day!  

They have earned my trust!!  I highly recommend Cannella & O’Neal law firm to all my friends and family.

                                                                                -Sherry, Henrico, VA

Henrico, VA
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