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Head & Brain Injuries

Our experience has taught us that accident victims who sustain traumatic brain injuries must have timely access to expert trauma care, specialized rehabilitation, and individualized representation.

At Cannella & O’Neal, we have over 40 years of medical-legal experience representing those who have suffered a head injury, concussion, or traumatic brain injury as a result of tractor trailer accidents, auto and motorcycle accidents, or falls. The head and brain injury lawyers at Cannella & O’Neal have had the distinct privilege of working with some of the most distinguished national and local head injury experts to assess and treat different degrees of brain injuries and concussions. In this regard, we have access to cutting edge technologies from basic CT Scans and MRIs to the more sophisticated and sensitive testing of DTI Scans, PET Scans, and NeuroQuant testing. Some of these tests are being used right now in cases involving assessment of permanent injuries sustained by NFL players due to concussions suffered by them on the playing field earlier in their careers.


At the outset, from both a medical and legal point of view, it is important that your head injury case is promptly coordinated for proper medical follow-up.

If you have suffered a serious impact, head trauma, concussion, and/or loss of consciousness in an accident, the brain injury attorneys at Cannella & O’Neal can assist in directing you to local neurologists who can help determine the nature of your injury and whether or not your head trauma or concussion may have longer lasting effects on memory and function due to an anatomical brain injury.

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Ongoing Concerns for Head Injuries

You should note that the extent of brain injuries are difficult to gauge because the symptoms sometimes don’t become apparent until months or years after an accident. Symptoms include brief loss of consciousness, blurred vision, feeling lightheaded, changes in behavior or mood, or problems with remembering things. Severe symptoms include prolonged nausea or head pain, lack of coordination, dilated pupils, slurred speech, convulsions, seizure, and stroke. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be either primary or secondary in nature. The primary component of a TBI consists of the damage that occurs to the brain upon impact. This includes bruising and tearing of the brain tissues. The secondary component involves complications to the brain that occur minutes or weeks following the initial impact.

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