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Slip & Fall Cases

We keep our homes safe for our guests, so shouldn’t a business or landlord do the same for its customers and tenants?

At Cannella & ONeal, we have over 40 years of trial-tested experience successfully representing severely injured individuals in slip and fall accidents. We know that businesses who invite you in to purchase their food or products have a duty to keep their place of business safe for its customers or to at least warn customers of any unsafe or dangerous conditions that might otherwise cause serious injury. For example, a business may have a duty to clean up spills, remove snow, put up warning signs and stock shelves so that merchandise does not fall on an unsuspecting customer. If a business breaches that duty, and you have suffered a serious injury, then you may be able to collect money damages for the personal injuries you sustained. Landlords have a similar duty to their tenants. We know that keeping our homes safe for our children and guests is important. At Cannella & O’Neal, we believe that businesses and landlords need to keep their establishments and rental property safe for you and your family.


We advise that you do not give a recorded statement to anyone regarding your fall. In Virginia, you cannot even be 1% at fault for causing your fall, otherwise your claim will be denied. That is why it is so important to have the professional and experienced team of attorneys at Cannella & O’Neal representing your best interests and advocating for you at the earliest possible phase of the case.

The Business’ Legal Responsibilities

Most businesses open to the public have a legal duty to maintain a safe environment for their customers. In particular, they are required to keep their floors clean and free from any foreign substances which may cause a person to fall. Sometimes spilled liquid on floors can be very hard to see, especially if floors have a glossy finish. Bright lights shining onto a glossy floor can cause a spill to be very difficult to see. A customer may not even realize that the floor is wet until after they fall. This can be a slip and fall waiting to happen. It is a hazard which businesses should try to prevent, however, all too often, they do not. The law requires businesses to keep their floors clean and dry through routine inspection and maintenance or, in the alternative, to place wet floor signs where customers can see them. A wet floor sign that is placed outside of the customer’s view or one that is placed in the area after a customer has fallen is too little, too late.

Defective Surfaces

Slip and fall accidents may also occur on surfaces which are defective. There could be a dangerous walkway, sidewalk, parking lot, or stairway which is not constructed to code or is not properly maintained in a safe manner. This can be a very hazardous situation as well for unsuspecting customers like you. Injury may occur no matter how carefully you walk and watch where you are going. Sometimes the defect is so subtle or hidden that you may not realize that it is even there. Understand that in these circumstances, there may be laws to protect you. Premises liability cases are not limited to just slip and fall or trip and fall accidents. If you are injured while occupying a business, building or property, you may have a case.

Who is Responsible?

Business establishments are not the only ones who may be liable to you for money damages in a premises liability case. Landlords can also be held responsible for their neglect in failing to take proper safety precautions for its tenants. For instance, a landlord may have a duty to remove snow, repair stairs, secure a ceiling or a railing, and provide proper lighting in common areas. If a landlord breaches that duty or violates a building code, and you have suffered a serious injury, then you may be able to recover money damages for your injuries.

Cannella and O’Neal — Your Guide

We are here to help guide you through the process of making a claim for your damages as a result of a slip and fall or other premises liability accident that was not your fault. Your assigned slip and fall/premises liability attorney will personally guide you through this process each and every step of the way. At Cannella & O’Neal, we have the knowledge, experience, staffing, and passion to take on business establishments and landlords when they act with reckless disregard for the lives and safety of others.

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