Auto/Spinal - Nancy

Bobby is a rare jewel in the world of law; an attorney who reminds me of the past.  A wonderful man who knows his profession and practices it well!  The services and consultation I received after experiencing an accident was well beyond the call of duty. 

Even though I had already made contact with the insurance company, Bobby still took the time to advise me about receiving compensation, what to expect and what to be aware of when negotiating a settlement.  He did not charge me for this advice or his time.  His expertise did not stop with me. 

About a year later I had to call Bobby because my oldest grandson was a passenger in an accident which resulted in head, neck, and back injury that kept him in a brace for 6 months.  Just like an angel sent from Heaven, Bobby jumped right on the case, took the time to drive from Richmond to Manassas, Virginia (where the accident took place), did his interview, took his photos and got the job done!  The timing explained regarding process was very accurate and the financial outcome was exquisite! 

Adding some professional advice to my grandson who has been appointed to take over the family practice, was so uplifting and encouraging.  I consider Bobby as my personal injury lawyer and I would recommend him to the Commander in Chief President Obama should he ever need an injury lawyer.  The services of Cannella & O’Neal come highly recommended!  Keep up the good work Bobby; wishing you a prosperous New Year, I bid you God’s speed.  May Heaven smile upon and God continue to bless and keep you and your colleagues.

                                                                              -Nancy, Manassas, VA

Manassas, VA