Tractor Trailer Accident - Kitty

I was in a tractor trailer accident in which I needed an attorney.  I was introduced to Steve Cannella.  When the trucking company did not want to pay Mr. Cannella said “take ‘em to court.”  Over the next few months I soon realized that Cannella & O’Neal wasn’t just a law firm, they were more like a big part of my family.

I can’t thank Mr. Cannella enough for all of his hard work and determination to win my case.  Throughout the whole process Mr. Cannella and his staff gave great comfort and assurance to me and my family that justice would prevail. 

God forbid if I ever need another attorney, Cannella & O’Neal would be my choice.  They’re great! Steve, Robin & Bobby, you guys are great and I can’t thank you enough.

                                                                                -Kitty, Farmville, VA

Farmville, VA