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    Less Cars, Less Accidents, Right? Wrong.

    Although Virginians are traveling less and covering fewer miles, it turns out that emptier roads are riskier roads. Less traffic on the road shouldn’t mean more fatalities. But that’s exactly what’s happening. According to VDOT, speed and the lack of seatbelt usage has caused a surge in fatalities on Virginia roadways. In 70 percent of all speed-related fatalities, travelers were not wearing seatbelts, which is an increase of 78 percent since last year.

    Please be mindful, don’t take chances, and remember the decrease in traffic volume doesn’t mean open season for reckless driving. Words from VDOT worth remembering:

    • Buckle up
    • Avoid distractions
    • Share the road; be aware of pedestrians and bicycles
    • Obey speed limits

    The best summer is a safe summer!