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    Pedestrian Accidents

    Pedestrians and vehicles unfortunately have to share the same roadways, leaving pedestrians vulnerable. Whether a person is using a crosswalk or walking along a sidewalk, drivers may fail to pay attention to the pedestrian, which can result in a tragic accident. Even if you are struck by a slow moving vehicle, you may still face extreme injuries, including those to your head, neck, or spine which incur costly medical bills. In some cases, these pedestrian accidents can be fatal.

    At Cannella & O’Neal, we know pedestrian accidents can take a toll on everyone involved. No matter if the accident ended up as a hit-and-run or the driver responsibly stayed at the scene, our pedestrian accident attorneys are here to guide you through the claim process to get you compensation for the injuries, losses, or wrongful death that you or a loved one endured.

    Pedestrian Accidents – Is the Driver at Fault?

    When you or a loved one suffers due to a pedestrian accident, proving who is at fault is not always a simple task, which is why hiring an experienced pedestrian accident attorney might be in your best interest. In cases where the driver is at fault, it must be proven that they were acting negligent. Speeding, texting while driving, drunk driving, and failing to follow pedestrian or other road signs are all common reasons a driver may be found at fault for a pedestrian accident.

    In some cases, it may not be the driver’s fault, which brings in a new investigation. Was the street properly lit? Were the crosswalk signs visible to drivers? When poor design of the area where the accident took place comes into play, you may be able to hold a government agency or engineering company accountable for your injuries.

    Cannella & O’Neal — Your Guide

    The first steps to take after getting in a pedestrian accident is to seek the medical help you need and, if possible, call the police. Then, at first availability, you should contact an experienced and knowledgeable pedestrian accident lawyer at Cannella & O’Neal. Right away, we will work with you to investigate the scene where the accident happened, contact eye witnesses, find any footage that may show the accident, and take other actions necessary to make sure we build the strongest case possible for your personal injury claim. We know that pedestrian accidents can cause extreme injuries, including injuries to the head, neck, or spinal cord, and we will investigate every avenue for compensation.

    If you or a family member has been affected by a pedestrian accident, call Cannella & O’Neal on our 24/7 Personal Injury Hotline at (800) 843-4090. You can also fill out our injury intake form and receive a response in 24 hours. Our pedestrian accident law firm is here for you and your family during this trying time to get you back on track as soon as possible.


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