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    The purpose of this blog is simply to share with you some general information or developments involving personal injury law. It may reference an article, a case, a new statute or Supreme Court decision. Our articles will be short and to the point, perhaps with links to other sources of information.

    There will also be commentary by our attorneys and staff regarding our personal involvement in personal injury litigation… these comments will be restricted to general observations about the issues we deal with on a daily basis.


    The FDA has recalled and listed 75 hand sanitizers tainted with methanol to avoid. Even some hand sanitizers that listed ethyl alcohol as the main ingredient tested positive for methanol, also known as wood alcohol, which is toxic when absorbed through the skin and fatal when ingested. If you have any of these hand sanitizers […]
    Although Virginians are traveling less and covering fewer miles, it turns out that emptier roads are riskier roads. Less traffic on the road shouldn’t mean more fatalities. But that’s exactly what’s happening. According to VDOT, speed and the lack of seatbelt usage has caused a surge in fatalities on Virginia roadways. In 70 percent of […]
    Medical payments coverage is like having additional health insurance under your auto policy. It is an optional coverage that is offered on every policy in the state of Virginia. It can be purchased at a very low cost but has significant value if you’re injured in any collision whatsoever, regardless of fault. Medical payments coverage, […]
    Beginning June 9, using your cellphone for any reason while driving will be illegal in the City of Richmond and considered a primary offense. That means no talking, no texting, no nothing. Emergency calls are exempt from this new law and you can still use your phone while at a red light or stopped. If […]
    A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Chris Pitera, Attorney at Cannella & O’Neal, who was sworn into the U.S. Supreme Court this week, an honor that adds one more layer of integrity and shows he is at the top of his game! This means he can now argue cases before the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. […]
    Arbitration: Submitting a case or dispute to designated parties for a decision, instead of using a judge. Mediation:  A process where a neutral third party, whether one person or more, acts as a facilitator to assist in resolving a dispute between two or more parties; the role of the mediator includes facilitating communication between the […]
    You won’t be able to much longer. Richmond City Council recently voted to ban the use of hand-held devices while driving in the City of Richmond. Distracted drivers have killed or hurt 218 people in the city this year, according to Richmond Police Department figures. The new law takes effect in 6 months; after that, […]
    What’s the Difference between a Republic and a Democracy? Republics and democracies both provide a political system in which citizens are represented by elected officials who are sworn to protect their interests. In a pure democracy, laws are made directly by the voting majority leaving the rights of the minority largely unprotected. In a republic, […]